Mini Mindful Moments


Mini Mindful Moments, also called M3's are for individuals who do not have a regular practice of pausing within their day to calm their nerves, remove themselves from mental obstacles, and nurture their body & soul.  The key ingredients are efficient breath work and mental cognitive techniques.  With practice, you too can realize how valuable just 2-3 minutes of these mini-vacations are to your peace of mind, your attitude, and overall health. 

With daily repetition and properly taught techniques the one that used to dislike slowing for one minute, will want to take more time and the M3 becomes a M4... MANY mini mindful moments!!!  Eventually, the body's internal regulating systems will reward you with increased health as you graduate from 'minute meditators' to 'mindfulness masters'. 


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Created by: 

Karla Hollan, CEAS, CSPS, RYT and PT, DPT (retired)

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