• Karla Hollan

#19: Picture

Are you one that reads these suggestions but are not apt to put your feet in the grass, mangrove, or lay on the ground and look at stars? It is okay. There are ways to have mini-mindful moments with nature even if you are not receiving its direct contact.

Lets try this other option using our gift of memory and sense of sight. You will need an inspiring picture of nature (a sunset, a redwood tree, an incredible terrain, etc.) Locate a new picture, not one that you have stared at in your home for twenty years. Once you have your picture near you, get comfortable in a place where the distractions are minimal.

Exhale to prepare.

Inhale through the nose. Be conscious of the parts of the body that the breath moves. Exhale out of the mouth or nose. Notice the movement of the body when air is expelled out.

Inhale and close your eyes. Exhale out of the mouth or nose. Concentrate on getting all the stale air out before the next inhale.

Continue being aware of 2 more inhalations and exhalations. Settle in to these mini meditative moments.

Keep going with inhales through the nose and longer exhales out of the nose or mouth while you open your eyes and explore the photo. On one breath, take in the colors. On the next breath, notice the shadows and shapes.. What is the artist saying? Breathe into this message.

Keep a calm, slow breath pattern. On one breath, take in the geography of the picture. On the next, take in the setting and the type of nature. On the next breath, imagine even the unseen nature that is not captured in the photo.

Now close the eyes again and visualize the picture while the breath moves effortlessly in and out of the body. Think of the colors, shapes, nature, message, and any other aspect of the art that affected you.

You just gave yourself a break from life’s to-do list! You can do this on any day you need a mini-vacation, but aren’t physically able to get to your preferred destination.


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