• Karla Hollan


If you have a dog or pet, you may often feel a priceless, unconditional love when you return home. There is excitement and a look in the animals eyes that says “I adore you”, “I love you”, “Thank you for being near me”.

Sometimes this delighted feeling can be captured in a picture: A care giver looking at their child when they are trying something new, accomplishing a great feat, or just being small, cute, and naive. (I shared one recently of Ty and I on a rollercoaster).

Recently a dear friend shared a photo that she keeps on her dresser. It shows her mom looking upon her with utter delight (the one being adored was in her thirties at the time). This picture makes my friend smile SO big and it makes her feel amazing!

This speaks to the most fundamental need for each human being on this planet - to feel love. We can’t always make others dole out love to us, but we can start by sending ourselves and everything around us love. Unfortunately, being loving to ourselves is easier said than done. Many of us have a hard time even thinking about this subject. However, it is like anything else we choose to do in our precious twenty-four hours of a day… it can be implemented into our being if we just practice it!

Ready to fall in love? Sit outside under a tree, in a garden, or near moving water (weather permitting). Get comfortable and make your intention to practice mindfulness and your pranayama (breath work).

1. Exhale to prepare (out of nose or mouth).

2. Breathe in to the fresh air around you. Exhale the thought that everything you see in nature is made from love, with love, of love.

3. Breathe in through your nose deeply again. Exhale and see all creation again as love. Give the love a color and see it draping the trees, the sky, the animals - whatever you see.

4. On your in-breath say the initials L-O-V-E silently to yourself. Exhale out “M-Y_s_e_l_F” (saying it silently to yourself).

5. Close your eyes and inhale the word LOVE while focusing inwardly on the word. Exhale a slow, long breath with the word MYSELF.

6. Inhale again as you imagine that love color from all living things being brought into you with that deep breath in through your nose. Exhale and feel that color saturate into all cells of your body.

7. Inhale LOVE. Exhale MYSELF. Inhale color into self. Exhale and allow it to permeate you.

Do 2 more breaths as you choose to mindfully focus on full inhalations and soothing exhalations. Before you open your eyes. Make the intention to take in and dole out more love than normal today.

Love you, Karla

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