• Karla Hollan


Please don’t be too busy for “mmm”. It is yummy to your body and brain when you take the time. Even sounding out the acronym “mmm” gives the feel good sound with that connotation of yum!

Just so you know. “MMM” started out as “mini meditative moment” but meditation is a step or two beyond what we are giving ourselves in these brief events. “MMM could be ‘meaningful mind maze’, ‘magnificent mind melodies’, ‘mastering mind muck’, or simply ‘me, myself & my breath’. I

like that last one!

Regardless of the name, it is designed to shut the ego down, re-train your body to breathe efficiently, and allow yourself to take a break from being busy. This is so important for many reasons.

Today we will do “mmmmmm” breath. It is an established breathing practice actually called Humming Bee Breathing or Bhramari breath. This practice is naturally calming. If done long enough, it soothes nerves and frees the mind of agitation, frustration, or anxiety.

Get comfortable (outdoors if possible) in a spot with few distractions. Exhale to prepare.

Inhale fully, then close your mouth and try to sound like a bee when you exhale. (At first you will feel the exhale in the back of your throat).

Inhale through your nose. *Close your mouth; let your lips touch slightly while you exhale the bee sound again.

Inhale through the nose. Feel the vibration just as you close your lips and make the humming bee sound. It might tickle your lips!

Inhale through the nose. Prolong the mmmm breath that vibrates your lips and focus on that gentle bee sound.

Inhale. Exhale a long mmmmm.

Continue with this practice for four more rounds. When you are about to end, really savor the last inhale and exhale.

MMMMMM. Enjoy the calm!

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