• Karla Hollan

#23: Earth Celebration

“Earth Day” was celebrated yesterday. Lets couple this mini-mindful moment with planting something, or at least getting your hands dirty for a moment. Oh! and one last note before we get started…If you know me well, you may have already bid those crown of thorn plants farewell from this earth (I don’t necessarily have a “green thumb”). But wait; both pots have some signs of fresh blooms!

Either have potting soil next to you or a plant that has some loose soil on top. If you have flower bulbs, vegetable or herb seeds, or you are re-potting a plant that would be even better. Just make sure you can grab a handful of dirt at some point. (Sand would work if you are at the beach).

Two bundles of Crown of Thorn’s were tossed to the side by my neighbors landscape company. I am trying to revive them. During this process, my sister wanted me to don gloves. I know her warning was due to the thorns, but I had already moved the plant without any pain so I wanted to plant it in the soil without gloves.

I wanted to feel the roots and the soil (so much for the manicure, right?) Right! It is good to get your hands dirty a bit. It is good to feel any aspect of the earth at your fingertips.

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