• Karla Hollan

#24: K.I.S.S.

I learned the K.I.S.S. acronym from my late father-n-law.

I used to call him to edit things I had written or to help

with difficult life issue. His solution was always to look

at it in a simpler way. (Thank you Jed).

Yesterday, I wrote something to post for day 23 but it didn’t inspire me. Last night, I went back to the drawing board

but got ‘nothing’. Whether it was a block in my creative

energies or I hit a wave of weariness, I found my mind

blank for words, thoughts, and different ways to mindfully meditate.

Then the words “keep it simple, silly” came to me. The

simple outline of what we are doing is: (I.) Stopping in

the midst of chaos to try to commune with nature (II.)

Centering ourselves through breath and imagery,

Make your intention, Sit comfortably anywhere that you

can have a few moments to yourself (outdoors is best if possible)for the next 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

1. Exhale to prepare, allowing yourself to figuratively sink into your spot. Pause briefly.

2. Inhale through your nose and mindfully lengthen your spine upward as if you could create space in between each vertebra. Keep that length while sinking your seat down on your exhale. Pause.

3. Feel the length of your torso as you inhale. Feel your grounded-ness as you exhale. Pause.

4. Lifting through the crown of the head, inhale. Rooting through your sit bone, exhale. Pause.

5. Inhale: Lengthening, growing up like a healthy plant. Exhale: Stable, rooted, secure. Pause.

6. Continue with two more breath cycles with a brief, soothing pause.

Hoping ‘simple’ will find you today!


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