• Karla Hollan

#25: Apple a Day

It is an old adage- “An apple a day…” And, researchers are back to touting the many beneficial

properties of apples. They are citing more than just the anti-inflammatory benefits.

Studies show apples reduce the viral and bacterial loads that creates inflammation. So for brain and intestinal issues, or even for viral infections, apples are necessary to our diet. Certain phytochemicals in the apple are responsible for the detoxification of heavy metals and radiation. Certain amino acids are helpful to detoxify the brain of MSG.

Apples are a good brain food that feed the neurons and increase electrical activity. Pigments of the red skin have anti-obesity properties and compounds that increase digestive strength. And there is much more!

Lets review additional benefits while we have our mmm. Get an apple (use a pear if you do not like apples). Get settled into your meditative spot. Remove as many distractions as you can. For instance, if you are sitting at your kitchen table, de-clutter the area and only have the apple and your listening device in front of you.

Exhale to prepare (and pause briefly AFTER each exhale that follows). Take the apple in your hand and just feel the skin and shape.

Inhale through your nose and examine the apple’s color, size, and blemishes. Exhale a long, slow breath AND close your eyes. Pause.

Inhale. This apple is hydrating on a deep cellular level. Exhale, being grateful that your body re-hydrates after exercise or stresses. Pause.

Inhale. This apple improves circulation to your lymphatic system. Exhale thankfulness for that mechanism of internal cleansing. Pause.

Inhale. This apple can help to repair damaged skin and regulate blood sugar. Exhale gratitude for all the healing that takes place in your body when you don’t even know it. Pause.

Inhale. Realize the detoxification that happens when you digest the apple. Exhale the blessing that something so simple is so helpful. Pause.

Inhale. Apples support us on an emotional and energy level too. Exhale. Make an intention to choose an apple next time you are snack hungry. Pause.

Sit in solitude and silence while you eat the apple. Make it a supportive, purifying mini-mindful moment…


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