• Karla Hollan

#26: Sound

Please allow 5 minutes or so for today's Mini Mindful Moment.

And if you have ear plugs, them along.

A beautiful singing voice, an infectious baby giggle, the happy birds chirping good morning: What a gift, right? And then there are the other sounds: the repetitive alarm clock, a loud snore keeping you awake, screeching nails on a chalk board, sirens. Still, a gift to hear.

The anatomical, physiological and neurological components of hearing are quite complicated. What is simple, is the calming sound of your breath pattern. So, lets hear it!

Set up: Use earplugs or plug both ears with your fingers. If lying on your back, prop your elbows/arms up so your shoulders can be relaxed (if you are plugging your own ears).

Close your eyes to help you focus on this mindful meditative moment.

Close your mouth and breathe in and out of your nose or do Ujjayi breathing.

Next, count down with numbers SLOWLY while you breath in and out. For instance, exhale to 20 and inhale to 19, exhale to 18 and inhale to 17...

The challenge: Keep your ears plugged and your mind present to the sound of your breath. When your countdown reaches number 1 continue your slow, mindful breath pattern and think of all of the things you hear that you might take for granted. Think of things that make sound to guide you through your day. Find gratitude for your auditory health.

Ready. Go!

P.S. Use the sound of your breath pattern at other moments in your day if you need to calm the mind or slow down.

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