• Karla Hollan

#27: Senses & Peace

(This MMM was originally written & published in April 2017)

If you have truly been doing the mini mindful moments, you have been practicing breath awareness

and sensory consciousness. You are one of many groups that have this intention. Just after I started the 28 day mmm, Deepok and Oprah published a 21 day meditation challenge on the subject of hope.

Come to find out, there is quite a movement to encourage humans to practice THE present moment with the goal of inner peace and therefore more happiness. I do think this movement is necessary in our times. I know that the more we practice, the more wonderful and rewarding simple things like breath awareness is. It does take one out of the mind so stillness can come and a higher level of alertness can emerge. AND it is a tool that you have at your fingertips with no cost and great benefit!

I hope you can schedule your mindful moments for tonight under the stars. But, if you need it now, go ahead and take it during the day. If at all possible for you to be at the beach at night, your senses are used in a different way than you normally use them! If you live outside of this Florida west coast, you may be blessed with less light pollution and can see more of the night sky’s brilliance. If you can’t be outside, then lie in a dark bedroom. Either way, lie down for this one.

Exhale - sense the weighted body sinking into your surface. Inhale and feel the torso expand with the full breath. Exhale- allow your body to rest heavily into your surface. Inhale-sense the body’s expansion.

Exhale-send a soothing soft “haaa” sound out of your mouth. Inhale, close your mouth and breathe through the built-in filter of your nose. Exhale - haaaaaa. Inhale- take fresh oxygen in!

Exhale- feel your eyes as you close them. Inhale and sense the temperature of the air on your skin.

Exhale- eyes rest/relax. Inhale- sense lightness of air on you.

Exhale completely. Spell PEACE at the end of each out-breath. Inhale, as if you could bring in peace from the air you breathe. Exhale haha, P-E-A-C-E. Inhale, the sense of being still.

Exhale again with a peace intention. Inhale - sense the vast universe around you. Exhale into P-E-A-C-E. Inhale, visualize the light of the stars and of the moon from billions of miles away.

Exhale- ahhhhh, P-E-A-C-E. Inhale and open your eyes to whatever beauty surrounds you. Stay here with a couple of ‘gratitude breaths’ before you return.


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