• Karla Hollan

#4: Cleanse

You will need a glass or bottle of water and a comfortable place to sit uninterrupted.

Today, I am not asking you to fast. But lets talk juice cleanses for a moment. If you have ever

done one, you know how important it is to be present while drinking the only fluid you are putting in your body that day. In fact, typically you would sit down and mindfully take part in each sip. You slow down not taking any gulp for granted.

Point is - the next time you drink water why should it be any different? Can you sit, stop the busy mind/the busy-ness, and take 2-3 minutes to breathe efficiently and enjoy the hydration process? Lets practice: Sit comfortably with your glass of water and make the intention to give the next 3 minutes to this mindfulness exercise.

1.) Exhale out completely; feel stale air leaving your body.

2.) Breath in and look at your water. Exhale with gratitude for living in a country and socioeconomic status where water is plentiful.

3.) Sense if your mouth is dry. Take a small sip of your water. Taste it. Notice the sensation as your throat opens to receive it. Sip again and feel the throat muscles work.

4.) On another breath in, say to yourself "I am thankful for the healthy organs and muscles that allow me to drink effortlessly". Finish another long, slow, exhalation.

5.) Sip a larger amount of water realizing the many systems of your magnificent body involved in swallowing the water. Sense if your mouth is less dry.

6.) Lastly, please close your eyes: Allow the next exhale to represent the feeling of satisfaction and contentment for this mindful moment with hydration. Inhale- visualize every cell of your body getting nourished from the water!

7.) Exhale, with intention to bring contentment into the rest of your day or night.

*You may want to repeat mindful exhales & inhales as you stay present and finish the rest of your water. Thanks for practicing mini-mindful moments!

( P.S. If you choose to do a juice fast, my favorite is from Squeeze Juice Works.)

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