• Karla Hollan

#10: Joy

Today I challenge you to do something silly, something childlike before your MMM. Think ahead on this one and if you can't actually do it today, please recapture a memory of silly-type fun from your memory.

No matter if you are celebrating just the fact it is Friday or celebrating Good Friday or Passover- mindfully do something fun and different. The kind of fun I am suggesting is active, something that makes you smile big and feel like a big kid!

I Like to swing on my aerial swing and hang upside down to feel that. Sometimes if riding a bike, I might try no handle bars in a split second just to give that thrilling feeling as a kid. Maybe you could do a three leg race with those that you are in close quarter with, or dance to your all time favorite song in the middle of your living room. Whatever it is, I'm challenging you now. Go! Be adventurous. Be spirited. Capture that joy. Celebrate life by being silly and then sit down for the rest of your mini mindful moment. I will be waiting for you after the pause...

Make the intention to bring that celebration of life into your mindfulness exercise.

1. Exhale completely while you feel the energy pulsing through your body. Inhale through the nose.

2. Exhale and feel the body warm with excitement. Inhale, feel your thorax and abdomen expand in all directions.

3. Exhale, 4-3-2-1. Pause. Inhale, 4-3-2-1.

4. Exhale and notice how the breath has slowed since you started. How you have controlled the breath. With your inhale, think about how exhilarating it is to do something different and silly. With your exhale, notice the importance of stopping for breath and reflection.

I'm wishing you more joy and silliness in your day.


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