• Karla Hollan

#11: Soak it up!

Can you believe this weather? We have had breeze, we have had the beautiful warmth from the sun, we have had decent temperatures, AND we haven’t had much rain. That makes for fairly easy days (weather-wise).

Lets celebrate the sun during your mini mindful moment today. We’ll focus on its qualities as we focus on our breathing.

Yes, I am hoping you will find a place outdoors where you can feel the rays. Get a blanket or a chair, or on a step. You will only be there for a few minutes so enjoy it without sunscreen application.

Exhale out a “ha” soft breath from your mouth to prepare. Close your mouth and inhale through your nose.

Give yourself permission to hear the sound from your mouth as you exhale. Let is relax you into your space. Inhale feeling your chest and belly expand just as the rays of the sun from its center.

Exhale a controlled, long breath out of your mouth again. Inhale, feel your chest and belly expand just like the rays move out in all directions from the center of the sun.

Exhale slowly. The sun symbolizes strength. Inhale. Breathe in to that strength.

Exhale. The sun symbolizes the spirit. Inhale. Breathe into your spirit.

Exhale. The sun represents universality. Inhale. Breathe into that one-ness.

Exhale. Close your eyes. Inhale, tilt your face to the sky and feel the sun warm you.

Exhale, feel its constant radiance of energy. Inhale into this energy.

Exhale. Lower your head slowly. Inhale. Open your eyes to notice the things around you that also

absorb the sun’s energy.

Exhale. The sun motivates us to be better and more noble. Inhale. Assert to be that better and nobler self.

Stay here for a couple last mindful breaths before you return to your day. Smile with gratitude for the sun’s warmth and energy.


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