• Karla Hollan

#12: Love Call

I’ve noticed that these mini mindful moments (mmm)’s are doing a couple of positive things for me

personally: making me slow down at least one time during each day AND giving me the calm moment to realize how thankful I am for many, many things.

Last week, a friend I no longer get to see often, popped into my mind and instead of waiting for a different, better, or good reason to call her- I quickly dialed her number. I told her that I love her. I told her how thankful I am that I can be myself around her, and that I feel unconditional love and support from her. It made my day to re-live the warmth I feel in her presence. It made her feel loved too.

We are essentially on this planet to give love and be loved. Send love out to one person today. Also, take a moment to feel loved yourself ! Lets get settled into our breath pattern first. Ready?!

1. Get in a comfortable position with the back of your hand resting into the other palm. Exhale to prepare.

2. Inhale and just feel the warmth of your hand in your other hand. Exhale a slow, releasing breath. Inhale and notice if you can feel the pulse of your body. Exhale again slowly.

3. Inhale and say to yourself “I AM” . Exhale slowly the spelling of this word: “ L-O-V-E”.

4. Practice 3 more rounds of breathing the “I am love” mantra. Stay present to the expansion of your ribcage as you inhale and the centering/calming nature of your exhale.

Do this now.

Who are you led to call/text/email today? (If you don’t want to outwardly express yourself, send love thoughts to them inwardly).


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