• Karla Hollan

#13: Rock of Ages

Today’s M3 involves rocks. Please make sure you have a rock in your position as you begin this session.

My grandfather, Grover, tilled over 100 acres of a Centennial farm in Michigan. When he plowed his field each year rocks had to be moved to plant crops. My mom remembers helping her dad along with the horses (and later a tractor) move the rocks to a place under a grove of trees. Two years ago, when I visited this land, I made sure I got some rocks from the memorable rock pile!

Every time I walk on Pass-A-Grille beach, I touch a rock at the half-way point before walking back the direction I came. Every vacation trip, I bring back a rock from that place. One of my favorite things to do on a river bed is to skip rocks! Here I am nearing 50 years old and I am just figuring out that I really gravitate to this earth element.

Even if you don’t have an affinity to collecting rocks, there IS something about holding and exploring a rock with your fingers. So today in our mini-mindful moment, lets absorb earth’s energy via rocks!

1. Find a place to sit. Make your intention to be still and to focus on your breath and your piece of earth for the next 2-3 minutes. Place your rock in your hand or within your fingers.

!. Exhale out of your nose or mouth. Either way, listen to your exhale.

2. Inhale through your nose. With your sense of sight and touch, explore the rock. Exhale a long breath out. Notice the texture, exact size, landscape, and color variation.

3. Examine the small treasure as you take another full breath in and slow, controlled breath out. See it as if you will be painting its features or explaining the rock in detail to someone.

4. Inhale. Place the rock in the palm of one hand. Exhale, close your hand around the rock tightly. Let your other hand rest on your wrist.

5. Inhale and then close your eyes. Exhale and relax into the sound of your exhale. Make it a controlled, prolonged out-breath. Now, take another full breath in and slow breath out.

6. Inhale. See if you can feel your pulse or feel any heat in the palm of your hand. Exhale, release your tight grip slowly.

Stay here for a couple more mindful breaths connecting to earth. Stay connected as you move through your day!

Thanks for practicing “mini mindful moments”.


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