• Karla Hollan

#16: Let It Rain!

Yesterday we had a nice downpour where I live and boy did we need it. Not only did I feel a

cleansing but I also noticed the leaves and the flowers perking up a bit after the sun came out. And I am not so sure that I've really stopped to notice that before. So I took a walk around and noticed the blades of glass with the tiny droplets of water, and I noticed the spider webs hanging with the glistening H20. And then I started realizing how good water felt and when was the last time that I enjoyed water to the touch.

Today’s MMM - find some kind of water: You can sit in your bathtub, be in a pool, or get a bowl of water for your hand, or maybe you can sit and look at the water on a leaf. Find whatever works for you and join me for our mini mindful moment.

Video #1: Let It Rain! Prelude

Video 2: Let It Rain! Mimi Mindful Moment

1. Exhale completely to prepare.

2. Listen for the water in the background as you take your next exhale. Breathing in through the nose, and slowly either the “haaaa” breath out, or exhale out of nose. Just begin to notice the rhythm of your breath, slowing the exhales if you can and welcoming the inhales as they come into the body.

3. And just as we have gratitude for our rhythmic, natural effortless breath- we also have gratitude for water, for rain. We play in water, bathe in water, and we are nourished by water (and so is the earth).

4. So take a moment to feel the water that is around you. Then still your hands back into your lap with eyes closed, and on every breath in give gratitude for the nourishment and for the use of the water. And every breath out- again feel the gratitude.

5. Continue slow breaths while you allow the sound of the fountain to be in the distance and think of the feeling of the water on your hands or your body.

6. Finish the last exhale out and then do something fun with the water- thump it if it is a bowl of water, splash in it if you can! Find a way to just hear the water and be a kid! Even make a mess.

I hope you have enjoyed your M3 of gratitude today with a little extra play too. Namaste.

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