• Karla Hollan

#17: Waiting Games

This MMM was created way before Covid19, so the subject

of waiting might just take on different meanings.

Do you enjoy waiting? Even if you don’t consider yourself impatient, waiting for your doctor to call

you in (or to come in) may not be pleasant moments. There are the waiting areas in hospitals, at the vehicle service centers, waiting time in the grocery line, and many more. Some of these waits allow the mind to get busy and possibly even anxious.

Oh! but wait - you have a smart phone. You can just hop onto your inbox, text someone

back, pay a bill, see the latest in the news, or play a mindless game. That is what you need more of- right? Screen time? World news?

(I realize you may need your phone to listen or read this. Afterward, see if you can put it away and stay in a pseudo state of solitude (mindful breathing) for just 2 more minutes). Here’s the challenge: Practice now so that the next time you have to wait for something, you are more likely to choose a minute of inner stillness!

Here are some guidelines: If at doctor’s office - get away from the t.v. in the waiting room. If possible, find a seat outside. Soften your gaze or close your eyes (if in a safe place).

1. Roll your shoulders forward, up under your ears. Exhale, and mindfully slide them back and down. Do this two more times being aware of slowing your exhale down a little more each time.

2. Swallow and notice where your tongue goes naturally. Inhale. (It goes to the roof of your mouth behind your teeth). Gently place it there on every inhale.

3. Tell your jaw and tongue to relax as you exhale slowly out of your nose or your mouth.

4. Inhale. Notice your chest and belly expand in all directions.

5. Exhale out of your nose or your mouth. Relax everything.

6. Inhale through your nose. Fill up your lungs with life sustaining oxygen!

7. Exhale-relax. Inhale- replenish. Now, all you have to do is focus on your breath...Exhale-relax. Inhale-replenish.

Claim this waiting game. Train yourself in centering your mind. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of the mini-mindful moments the more you practice!

Here’s to calm waiting!

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