• Karla Hollan

#18: Nourish

-"Webster’s definition for nourish is:

nurture, rearto promote the growth of

to furnish or sustain with nutriment

Taking mindful moments to breath efficiently throughout the day is one way to nourish yourself. You are certainly (1) nurturing your spirit, (2) promoting the growth of muscular power within your breathing muscles, and (3) providing energy through the nutriment of oxygen.


What if you want to use your mini meditations to set new goals? You can do that! And it is powerful; It works!

1. Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. Close your eyes if it helps you to concentrate. Exhale completely.

2. Make an intention to nourish your spirit by staying present and disciplined for the next minute. Inhale. Exhale and bring your belly closer to your spine at the very end of your breath out.

3. Inhale and feel the muscles between each rib stretching to allow the thorax to expand. Exhale and use the abdominals to bring the belly closer to the spine.

4. Inhale, think about the type of nourishment you would like to provide your body. Exhale an acceptance to that nourishment, no matter how big or small the goal is.

5. Inhale vibrant health. Exhale that long slow prolonged breath that you are getting so good at doing!

6. Stay as long as you want for a couple more breaths thinking of your intention for nourishment.

Wishing you many forms of nourishment!


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