• Karla Hollan

#6: Friendships

Today our mini-mindful-moment is about friendship: Friends we have had in the past, friends we have in the present, and friends we are yet to make in the future. You don't need a picture in front of you, but do find a comfortable place to sit

Make the intention to give yourself this time without distraction -just 2-3 minutes.

Begin by exhaling all of the stale thoughts and stale air out of your lungs. Just let them go with the exhale. As you inhale, think of your first friend ever. Exhale to that chapter of your life (knowing now as an adult that friends are meant to come and go).

Now inhale to a friend that you may not be able to see. Maybe they live far away or are no longer with us (someone you would like to sit with and talk with for a while). This is someone who makes you feel loved, maybe unconditional love and support.

As you take your next your breath in and your S L O W long exhale out, visualize sitting with that friend, talking and thanking the friend. Thanking them for how they make you feel, how they make you laugh and feel light.

As you continue long slow breaths, feel the warmth that you feel- even when you imagine their presence. Essentially, we are on this planet to give love and be loved.

Lastly think of one person that may not know and may need to know that you love them, and that you appreciate them as a friend. Just take a deep breath into that thought and with the long, slow exhale just visualize that -being sent straight to that person. Thank that friend (subliminally) for who they are and for what they give in friendship.

Maybe next time you see a friend or talk to a friend, re-visit the slow long exhale, mindful inhale of gratitude, and feel the warmth of friendship as you exhale.


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