• Karla Hollan

#2: Palms

YOU WILL NEED 2-4 MINUTES, A COMFORTABLE PLACE TO SIT, AND NON-SCENTED LOTION OR OIL (sesame or olive oil from the kitchen are fine to use).

First, make yourself comfortable in a seated position with your palms facing up and make the intention to dedicate these few moments for this exercise of mindfulness.

(1) Close your eyes for a full breath out, breathe in through the nose and then encourage another slow breath out.

(2) Look at all the lines and markings in your own hands. With gratitude of how much your hands do for you and for others, hear yourself exhale slowly out of your mouth. Take a breath in still examining the history of your hands, and another slow breath out.

(3) Put 1/2 tsp of oil/lotion in one palm, and with the other thumb begin to rub your palm in a circular fashion. Close your eyes and just feel the terrain of your whole hand. Feel the anatomy under the skin. Some areas are more sensitive than others. Remember to afford slow, long exhalations.

(4) Enjoy finding the right amount of pressure for those special areas and notice a calming mindful breath pattern you have created. **If you have time ,switch hands and continue.

(5) Lastly, turn them over and look at the backs of your hands affirming how you are beautifully and wonderfully made! Stay present with that thought for a long exhale, deep inhale, and smooth exhale.

(6) Next time you notice your hand, find your mindful exhale/ inhale/exhale and recapture gratitude for these tools!


*It is normal to feel a bit strange massaging your hand. Self care feels indulgent sometimes!P.S. You can use the excess oil on your hands to massage the acupressure points on your ear lobes

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