• Karla Hollan

#5: Magnificent Trees

For today’s mini-mindful moment, be near a tree. If you can, sit at the base or root of the tree in a comfortable position (you may want a towel or blanket), or stand with your hand on the tree trunk .

If you are stuck inside, just use the visual of either photo or video of tree.

Get comfortable and make your intention to practice this MMM for the next 3 moments.

1.) Exhale a long and slow releasing breath.

2.) Inhale as you feel what parts of your legs, hips, and buttocks are touching the ground.

3.) Exhale and feel your body ground down even more. Think of the roots of the tree rooting deeply below the earth.

4.) Inhale, notice the design and the texture of the bark. Exhale, feel your body settle into the space.

5.) Inhale & view the amount, size, and trajectory of the branches. Allow a prolonged, soothing exhale to happen.

6.) Inhale & imagine each part of your spine reaching up towards the sky like the growing tree. Exhale into the ground and up towards the sky simultaneously.

7.) Close you eyes while you breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly. Stay present to the image of your tree: shape of the leaves, amount of foliage, design of the branches, image of the bark, all the way to the base of the tree.

8.) Before you leave the tree, touch it and take one last mindful exhale/inhale/exhale.

Thank you for practicing MMM. Namaste!

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