• Karla Hollan

#1: Petals

Prepare by finding a flower or flower petal to hold, silencing your phone, and choosing a place with the least interruptions.

(1) Close your eyes for a full breath out. Then take a breath in through the nose and another slow

breath out.

(2) Touch the petal of the flower. Grateful for the sense of touch, you notice the texture and the temperature. Breathe slowly and smoothly. We give and get energy from living things!

(3) Now open your eyes. Look at the magnificent color, maybe the variation of color, the size of the petal, the shape - using your sense of sight! Notice the natural rhythm of your breath and the sound of your long exhales.

(4) Capture in your mind everything about the flower petal one more time and then close your eyes again. With a smooth rhythmic breath, picture in your mind's eye the details----the petal shape, lines, color, texture, etc.

(5) Opening your eyes and noticing the calming nature of your time with nature.

(6) Next time you see a flower, follow your mindful breath pattern. Exhale completely, take a nice deep inhale through the nose, exhale out again. Maybe even close your eyes and recapture all the details in your mind of the beautiful flower petal.