• Karla Hollan

#8: Say "YES".

Ever thought about the fact that you get to start fresh each day? Actually, when you think about it, you can start fresh each minute.

After a fallout with my son, he often says “mommy, can we start over?” YES! The answer is always yes!

Today, please say yes! Give yourself permission to start anew, as many times as necessary. Use your self discipline and mindful breathing, the most powerful tools you own.

Lets practice:

1. Exhale to prepare. Then, notice how many seconds it takes for you to inhale (through your nose).

2. Say softly “y-e-s” with a controlled, slow, exhale out of your mouth.

3. Again, breath through the natural filter of your nose to a count. Then, make your exhale twice as long with the inner thought of “yes”!

4. Stay present with another in and out-breath, noticing if the length of breath is getting longer. Feel each “yes” as it feels when you are rooting on someone you love and watching them accomplish something great!

5. Your next inhale represents the gift that each day is a fresh new start. Exhale, and picture the fresh signs of spring around you.

6. Inhale to the oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange that is happening within your body as you breathe. Exhale, to the rejuvenation and balance that this exchange allows at a cellular level.

7. Inhale to saying yes to all things that bring stability and health-fulness to you. Exhale and LET GO to stale air, stale thoughts, and to the no’s that keep you from starting anew.

8. Inhale YES. Exhale LET GO.

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